Our Basin

The lead-time for flood warnings depends on the circumstances of each individual flood event. Because Steuben, Chemung, and Schuyler Counties are situated in the headwaters of several major drainage systems, the flood warning lead times are generally quite short. All flood forecasts are provided as soon as possible. However, localized flooding problems will have shorter flood warning times than large-scale regional events. Flash flooding can occur suddenly with little or no lead time.

Travel times of peak flows from upstream gauges to downstream locations are provided below. Flood Warning Service personnel can provide rough river stage forecast estimates with these lead times. National Weather Service flood forecasts based on precipitation are generally available sooner, with the amount of lead time dependent on the rate and distribution of the precipitation.

The mission of the Flood Warning Service is to provide data as quickly as possible in order to maximize the time available for emergency response. Meteorological and/or hydrological data are supplied to emergency personnel immediately whenever flooding problems are anticipated or in progress. These raw data are followed by flood forecasts based on simple modeling techniques. More sophisticated flood forecasts prepared by the National Weather Service are distributed as soon as they become available.



Gauge Location Avg. Travel Time
Cohocton River  
Avoca to Bath 2 1/2 hours
Avoca to Painted Post 9 1/2 hours
Bath to Campbell 2-3 hours
Bath to Painted Post 7 hours
Bath (Cohocton River) to Corning (Chemung River) 7 hours
Painted Post(Cohocton River) to Corning (Chemung River) < 1 hour
Painted Post (Cohocton River) to Elmira (Chemung River) 5 hours
Canisteo River  
Almond Dam to West Cameron 4 hours
West Cameron to Addison 6 hours
Addison to Painted Post 7 hours
Addison(Canisteo River) to Corning (Chemung River) 7 hours
Addison (Canisteo River) to Elmira (Chemung River) 14 1/2 hours
Cowanesque River  
Nelson (Cowanesque River) to Lindley (Tioga River) 4 1/2 hours
Tioga River  
Tioga Dam (Tioga River) to Corning (Chemung River) 10 hours
Tioga Junction to Lindley 2 1/2-3 hours
Lindley to Erwin 2-3 hours
Erwin to Painted Post 2 hours
Erwin (Tioga River) to Cornng (Chemung River) 2 hours
Erwin (Tioga River) to Hickling Station (Chemung River) 4-5 hours
Chemung River  
Corning to Elmira (Lake St.) 4-5 hours
Corning to Chemung 9 hours
Elmira to Chemung 5 hours